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Hello! I’m Erica! A Muskoka-raised photographer, who believes life is meant to be lived in the moment and that having your photos taken should be fun, engaging and something you enjoy.

From the earliest memories of my childhood, a camera has always been one of my most cherished possessions enabling me to capture those beautiful moments in time with my friends and family. As I transitioned from university to the workplace, I continued taking photos as a side hustle.The goal was never to make it my career but rather serve as a creative outlet and a means for me to connect with others in an authentic way. Never did I imagine that quitting my job after my first child was born to stay home with him, would enable me to pursue photography full time.

Through word of mouth, what began as a side hustle soon blossomed into a thriving business. Today, photography allows me to chronicle the beautiful dance of life. From the joyous laughter of a family to the tender moments of love, I revel in the magic of authentic connections.

For me, photography isn’t just a job—it’s a lifeline. It provides the delicate balance of being an engaged Mum of four wonderful kids and a passionate professional. I have been with my husband for half of my life and I fall more in love with him every year. My family is truly my favourite part of life.

I wear many hats. Apart from being a photographer, I’m a marathon runner, a singer, and an adventurer at heart. My family and I recently embarked on an epic journey, traveling to 15 countries in just 5 months! This passion for travel reflects in my future aspirations—I dream of combining my love for photography with adventures around the world, capturing clients in diverse, exotic locations. With every click, I wear my heart on my sleeve, often found dancing on the dance floor while capturing vibrant memories, always with a radiant smile.

Some of my proudest milestones include kickstarting my photography business single-handedly while juggling the joys and challenges of motherhood and a fulfilling marriage. I’ve been fortunate to have my work featured on various blogs and websites, with a notable mention as one of Vancouver Mom’s top 30 family photographers since 2009.

If the idea of getting in front of a camera makes you jittery, I’m here to change that! With me, your photography session will feel as relaxed and fun as a coffee date with your best friend. My quirky demeanor might even make you snort in laughter, just as I often do!

So, if you’re seeking memories captured in lively colors, sprinkled with genuine emotions and perhaps, a touch of dance, I’m just a click away. Let’s make magic together, and remember, always keep smiling—it’s my favorite.

Connect with me, and let’s embark on a beautiful journey together!

on a personal note

Already partners in marriage and in parenting, Shawn and I decided to become business partners as well. In 2010, we cofounded Young Hip & Married, a wedding officiant and relationship coaching business. It took many late nights and long hours of hustling to make it in the wedding industry. And we are so proud to see our dream alive and growing today!

Not only am I a co-founder of Young Hip & Married but I also have the honour of photographing so many of our elopements, many alongside my husband as the officiant. There’s nothing better than creating memories for newlywed couples alongside my own happily ever after.

From elopements with Young Hip & Married and full-scale Vancouver weddings to capturing family sessions all across BC and Ontario, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with some of the most rad people. Getting to capture their memories and tell their stories is the greatest honour. And in some small way, each one of their stories has now become a part of mine.

Her talent with capturing moments literally took us right back to the memories and feelings we had that day!

If you have the opportunity to hire/work with this amazing human… DO IT! Her talent with capturing moments literally took us right back to the memories and feelings we had that day! She was extremely pleasant to work with, her energy brings a sense of comfortability and fun. Our wedding plans were changing moment by moment due to the pandemic and weather changes and she was always responsive, flexible, and professional. I just can’t wait to work with her again! Thank you so much for being so rad, Erica!

-Delaney & Samara

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Taking photos for me has always been fueled by a desire to capture the individual beauty and uniqueness of the people in front of my lens. I look for emotion, authenticity, and truth, and nothing brings me more joy than capturing those moments and sharing them with my subjects. My goal in taking pictures is to freeze candid moments in time: the smiles, the tears, and the unspoken emotions that everyday realities often overshadow. I love the vibrant colours and moody aesthetics that the beautiful Pacific Northwest provides. I enjoy blending candid shots with beautifully posed ones. Each session with my clients is a truly bespoke experience; no two shoots are ever the same. I tailor my clients’ experiences to match their mood that day. My goal is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed so that you truly enjoy the experience.

My photography isn't 'cookie cutter' - similarly I advocate all types of weddings, we don't do labels here!